Agere Systems L56DV (Venus)

Chipset data:

Agere Systems formerly Lucent Technologies, datasheet
Controller-based modem
Linux support
Supported by Linux kernel and setserial.
The Venus USB (Pegasus) chipset supports the CDC ACM.
PCI Vendor ID=11C1, Device ID=0480 : Venus PCI
USB Vendor ID=????, Product ID=F101
USB Vendor ID=????, Product ID=F102
USB Vendor ID=????, Product ID=F103
  Venus Desktop ISA    = DSP1673   +  CSP1034AH  +  T7525
  Venus Desktop Serial = DSP1673   +  CSP1034AH  +  T7525
  Venus PC Card        = DSP1673   +  CSP1034AH
  Venus USB (Pegasus)  = DSP1675   +  CSP1034C   +  USBINT
  Venus PCI            = DSP1673   +  CSP1034AH  +  PITA

  1034C    USB Codec    44-pin MQFP or 48-pin TQFP "Mercury"
  1034AH   Line Codec   44-pin MQFP or 48-pin TQFP
  1670     Venus V.34 Data/Fax/FDSP/Cell 128-pin TQFP
  1673     Venus V.90 Data/Fax/TAM 160-pin MQFP or 128-pin/144-pin TQFP
  1675     Venus V.90 USB 160-pin PBGA or 128-pin/144-pin TQFP
  PITA     PCI Interface
  T7525    Audio Codec 28-pin SOJ [SSOP]
  USBINT   USB Interface
MFQP=Metric Quad Plat Package
PBGA=Plastic Ball Grid Array
TFQP=Thin Quad Flat Package
SOJ =Small Outline J Lead Package
DSP1673 package DSP1675 package 1034AH codec package 1034AH-J codec package T7525 audio codec package
Typical application
Zoom Telephonics 2919L with Venus chipset USB modem with Venus chipset
Rob Clark