Conexant RC56D

Chipset data:

Conexant Systems, Inc. formerly Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, datasheet
Full hardware (ACF) modem with downloadable firmware.
Linux support
Rockwell/Conexant ACF modems are supported by the Linux kernel and setserial.

  RC56D/SP      = L2800-38 + R6764-61
  RC56D/SP-PNP  = L2800-38 + R6764-61 + 11596-21
  RC56D         = L2800-38 + R6764-63
  RC56D-PNP     = L2800-38 + R6764-63 + 11596-21
  RC56D/SVD     = L2800-38 + R6764-61 + R6715-14
  RC56D/SVD-PNP = L2800-38 + R6764-63 + 11596-21 + R6715-14
  RC56D/SP-USB  = L2800-38 + R6764-61 + R8292-11
  RC56D-USB     = L2800-38 + R6764-63 + R8292-11
  RC56D/SP-PCI  = L2800-38 + R6764-61 + R8295-11
  RC56D-PCI     = L2800-38 + R6764-63 + R8295-11

  11596-21            PnP ISA BIF     80-pin PQFP
  L2800-38            L28 MCU         80-pin PQFP
  R6715-14 RCDSVD     SCP            100-pin PQFP
  R6764-61 RP56D/SP   MDP            100-pin PQFP
  R6764-63 RP56D      MDP            100-pin PQFP
  R8292-11            UCU             68-pin PLCC [Intel 80931AA]
  R8295-11            PCU            100-pin PQFP

  BIF=Bus Interface Device
  MCU=Microcontroller Unit
  MDP=Modem Data Pump
  PCU=PCI Controller Unit
  SCP=Speech Codec Processor
Rockwell R6764-61 modem data pump chip Rockwell L2800-38 microcontroller chip
Conexant R6764-61 modem data pump chip Conexant L2800-38 microcontroller chip Conexant 11596-21 PCI bus interface chip
Typical application
AOpen FM56ITU2 modem with RC56D/SP chipset Radicom 560PC/104 modem with RC56D/SP chipset
Rob Clark