Conexant SC56D (Single Chip ACF)

Chipset data:

Conexant Systems, Inc. formerly Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, product brochure
Full hardware (ACF) modem in a single chip.
Linux support
Rockwell/Conexant ACF modems are supported by the Linux kernel and setserial.
The CX06827-xx packages have an integrated microcontroller unit (MCU),
line interface codec, modem data pump, and bootloader ROM.

SC56D   = CX06827-11                         (d/f/TAM)
SC56D/S = CX06827-11 + 20437-11              (d/f/TAM/v/FDSP)

    20437-11          Voice Codec             32-pin TQFP   
  CX06827-11          ACF Modem (56kbps)     144-pin TQFP
  CX06827-13          ACF Modem (33.6kbps)   144-pin TQFP
  CX06827-14          ACF Modem (14.4kbps)   144-pin TQFP
Rob Clark