Rockwell RC144ATx

Chipset data:

Conexant Systems, Inc. formerly Rockwell Semiconductor Systems
External or ISA bus modem with software-based error correction and data compression (ECC) in a single 68-pin PLCC device.

Firmware revisions through 1.620 use RPI
Firmware revisions from 1.628 use RPI+
Check the response to "ATI3" for firmware info.

Linux support
There is no Linux support for Rockwell RPI modems, although in some situations they may be used without ECC.
These are generally very old modems that should be replaced!

Note: Some older ACF modems can operate in either RPI+ or the traditional hardware ECC mode.

    RC144ATFD-x                              US/Canada
    RC144ATF-x                               US/Canada
    RCV144ATF-x                              US/Canada
    RC144ATFWD-x + 128k-byte External ROM    Multicountry
    RC144ATFW-x  + 128k-byte External ROM    Multicountry
    RCV144ATFW-x + 128k-byte External ROM    Multicountry
    RC144ATFWD-x +   8k-byte External ROM    Single country
    RC144ATFW-x  +   8k-byte External ROM    Single country
    RCV144ATFW-x +   8k-byte External ROM    Single country

    Model options:
    x Host/DTE interface (P = Parallel host; S = Serial DTE)
    D Data only (no fax).
    V Voice (including business audio for parallel interface)
    W World class support.

Rob Clark