Rockwell RC56HCF

Chipset data:

Conexant Systems, Inc. formerly Rockwell Semiconductor Systems
ISA bus controllerless (HCF) modem
Linux support
There is no Linux support for Rockwell/Conexant HCF modems on ISA cards.
2002-02-06: The official Conexant driver will be posted here when it is released.
  11218-13                    ISA BIF (HCF)    144-pin TQFP
  11218-14                    ISA BIF (HCF)    144-pin TQFP
  R6775-xx                    Modem Data Pump  144-pin TQFP
  R6776-xx RCV56HCF           Modem Data Pump  144-pin TQFP

  RC56HCF   = 11218-xx + R6775-xx  (data/fax)
  RC56HCFW  = 11218-xx + R6775-xx  (data/fax/worldwide)
Typical application
Best Data 56FW-ISA with Rockwell RC56HCF chipset
Rob Clark