ESS Technology ES56-I

Chipset data:

ESS Technology, no datasheet available
ISA bus controllerless (HCF) modem
Linux support
ESS released a Linux driver for the ES56-I family for kernel 2.2.12-20. This did not appear to be an official release, however, and all OEM copies have been pulled from the web.
A copy of this driver has been archived here.
ES56-I    = ES2890S + ES2818F/P (d/f)
ES56T-I   = ES2890S + ES2818F/P (d/f/TAM)
ES56V-I   = ES2890S + ES2819F   (d/f/TAM/FDSP)

  ES2890S  TeleDrive DSP
  ES2818F  AFE (SSD CODEC)         52-pin PQFP
  ES2819F  AFE (DSD CODEC)         52-pin PQFP
  ES2818P  AFE (SSD CODEC)         28-pin SOIC
Rob Clark