Cirrus Logic CL-MD34XX

Chipset data:

Intel Modem Silicon Operation formerly Ambient, formerly Cirrus Logic, datasheet
Full hardware modem.
Linux support
Cirrus Logic CL-MD34XX modems are supported by setserial and the Linux kernel.
Cirrus Logic Part Numbers:
  CL-MD1724           SAFE              44-pin VQFP
  CL-MD1724T          SAFE              44-pin VQFP
  CL-MD1724T-11VC-A   SAFE              44-pin VQFP
  CL-MD4450C-SC-B     Microprocessor    128-pin SQFP
  CL-MD4451C-VC-B     Microprocessor    128-pin VQFP 
  CL-MD3450D          DSP               128-pin SQFP [parallel]
  CL-MD3450DT         DSP               128-pin SQFP [serial]
  CL-MD3451DT         DSP               128-pin VQFP [PC card]
  CL-MD3460DT         DSP               128-pin VQFP [PC card]

  CL-MD3450  = CL-MD4450C + CL-MD3450D  + CL-MD1724  [Parallel/Serial I/F d/f/v]
  CL-MD3451T = CL-MD4451C + CL-MD3451DT + CL-MD1724T [PC Card Host I/F d/f/v]
  CL-MD3452  = CL-MD4450C + CL-MD3450D  + CL-MD1724  + CL-MD1724  [Parallel/Serial I/F d/f/v/SP]
  CL-MD3453T = CL-MD4451C + CL-MD3451DT + CL-MD1724T + CL-MD1724T [PC Card Host I/F d/f/v/SP]
  CL-MD3462T = CL-MD4450C + CL-MD3460DT + CL-MD1724T + CL-MD1724T [Parallel/Serial I/F d/f/v/SP,DSVD]
  CL-MD5663T = CL-MD4451C + CL-MD3460DT + CL-MD1724T + CL-MD1724T [PC Card Host I/F d/f/v/SP,DSVD]

Ambient Part Numbers:
  MD4450C-SC-B    (former CL-MD4450C-SC-B)
  MD4451C-VC-B    (former CL-MD4451C-VC-B)
  MD5650DT-SC-C   (former CL-MD5650DT-SC-C)
                  (replaces discontinued CL-MD3450DT-SC-C)  
  MD5651DT-VC-C   (former CL-MD5651DT-VC-C)
                  (replaces discontinued CL-MD3451DT-VC-C)

  SAFE=Sigma-Delta Analog Front End Device
     P=PQFP Plastic Quad Flat Pack
     S=SQFP Shrink Quad Flat Pack
     V=VQFP Very-tight-pitch Quad Flat Pack
Cirrus Logic CL-MD3450D-SC-C digital signal processor Cirrus Logic CL-MD4450C-SC-B microcontroller Cirrus Logic MD1724T 11VC-A package
Rob Clark