Cirrus Logic CLM (CL-MD562xT)

Chipset data:

Intel Modem Silicon Operation formerly Ambient, formerly Cirrus Logic, datasheet
PCI bus controllerless (HCF) modem
Linux support
Intel does not support the CLM modems on Linux. There are GPL'ed alpha drivers available.
PCI Vendor ID: 1013, Device ID: 4000
  CL-MD1724             SAFE
  CL-MD1724T            SAFE
  CL-MD1724T-11VC-A     SAFE          44-pin VQFP
  CL-MD56x0DT-QC-A      DSP          160-pin PQFP
  CL-MD5620DT-QC-CF     DSP
  CL-MD56x0DT-VC-A      DSP          176-pin VQFP

  CL-MD5620T = CL-MD5620DT + CL-MD1724T              [D/F/V]
  CL-MD5622T = CL-MD5620DT + CL-MD1724T + CL-MD1724T [D/F/V/FDSP]
  CL-MD5632T = CL-MD5630DT + CL-MD1724T + CL-MD1724T [D/F/V/FDSP/DSVD upgrade option]

  SAFE=Sigma-Delta Analog Front End Device
Cirrus Logic CL-MD5620DT-QC-B package Cirrus Logic MD1724T-11VC-A package
Typical application
Protac MD320 modem with Cirrus CLM chipset
Rob Clark