Intel 536EP

Chipset data:

Intel Modem Silicon Operation formerly Ambient, formerly Cirrus Logic, datasheet
PCI bus controllerless (HCF) modem with power-management features for notebooks
Linux support
Intel proves a kernel 2.4.x driver on their Linux drivers page

There is a beta version of the driver available here.

The most recent betas are available here.

PCI Vendor ID: 8086, Device ID: 1040
  536EP = DQ82536 + Silicon DAA [+ optional MD1724] : integrated Si DAA / optional FDSP
  536EP = DQ82536 + MD1724      [+ optional MD1724] : standard DAA / optional FDSP 

                  Silicon DAA      16-pin SOIC or TSSOP
  MD1724          AFE              44-pin LQFP
  DQ82536         DSP             128-pin LQFP
  MD5628D-L-C     DSP
AFE=Analog Front End Device
Ambient MD5628D-L-C chip Ambient MD1724T 11VC-B chip
Photos: Petr Slansky
Rob Clark