Intel MD563X-HaM

Chipset data:

Intel Modem Silicon Operation formerly Ambient, formerly Cirrus Logic, datasheet, cached copy of developers' page.
PCI bus controllerless (HCF) modem
Linux support
Intel provides Linux drivers for kernels 2.2.x and 2.4.x on their Linux drivers page.
PCI Vendor ID: 1813, Device ID: 4000
                  Silicon DAA     16-pin SOIC
  MD1724 11VC-B   SAFE            44-pin VQFP (formerly CL-MD1724T)
  MD5628D-L-A     DSP (HaM)       100-pin LQFP
                  (replaces discontinued CL-MD5620DT-QC-CF)
  MD5628D-L-B     DSP (HaM)

  MD5630US-L101 = MD5628D-L-A + Silicon DAA/Codec [data/fax, FCC]
  MD5630GL-L101 = MD5628D-L-A + Silicon DAA/Codec [data/fax, CTR21]
  MD5630AM-L101 = MD5628D-L-A + MD1724 11VC-B     [d/f/v, FCC, CTR21]

  MD5631US-L101 = MD5628D-L-A + MD1724 11VC-B + Silicon DAA [d/f/v/sp,FCC]
  MD5631GL-L101 = MD5628D-L-A + MD1724 11VC-B + Silicon DAA [d/f/v/sp,CTR21]
  MD5631AM-L101 = MD5628D-L-A + MD1724 11VC-B + MD1724 11VC-B
  SAFE=Sigma-Delta Analog Front End Device
Ambient MD5628D-L-B chip Ambient MD1724T 11VC-B chip
Rob Clark