Intel MD565X/MD566X

Chipset data:

Intel Modem Silicon Operation formerly Ambient, formerly Cirrus Logic, 565x datasheet, 566x datasheet
Full hardware modem.
The Intel MD566X is an enhancement of the MD565X chipset. Due to advancements in architecture the DSP no longer requires 64K of external SRAM. Board size and power consumption have been decreased too.
Linux support
Intel MD565X and MD566X modems are supported by setserial and the Linux kernel.
Cirrus Logic Part Numbers:
  CL-MD1724           SAFE
  CL-MD1724T          SAFE
  CL-MD1724T-11VC-A   SAFE              44-pin VQFP
  CL-MD4450C-SC-B     Controller        128-pin SQFP
  CL-MD4451C-VC-B     Controller        128-pin VQFP 
  CL-MD5650DT-SC-C    DSP               128-pin SQFP  
  CL-MD5651DT-VC-C    DSP               128-pin VQFP

  CL-MD5650  = CL-MD4450C + CL-MD5650D  + CL-MD1724  [Parallel/Serial I/F d/f/v]
  CL-MD5651T = CL-MD4451C + CL-MD5651DT + CL-MD1724T [PC Card Host I/F d/f/v]
  CL-MD5652  = CL-MD4450C + CL-MD5650D  + CL-MD1724  + CL-MD1724  [Parallel/Serial I/F d/f/v/SP]
  CL-MD5653T = CL-MD4451C + CL-MD5651DT + CL-MD1724T + CL-MD1724T [PC Card Host I/F d/f/v/SP]
  CL-MD5662T = CL-MD4450C + CL-MD5660DT + CL-MD1724T + CL-MD1724T [Parallel/Serial I/F d/f/v/SP,DSVD]
  CL-MD5663T = CL-MD4451C + CL-MD5660DT + CL-MD1724T + CL-MD1724T [PC Card Host I/F d/f/v/SP,DSVD]

Ambient Part Numbers:
  MD4450C-SC-B    (former CL-MD4450C-SC-B)
  MD4451C-VC-B    (former CL-MD4451C-VC-B)
  MD4470C-SC-B       USB I/F
  MD5650DT-SC-C   (former CL-MD5650DT-SC-C)
                  (replaces discontinued CL-MD3450DT-SC-C)  
  MD5651DT-VC-C   (former CL-MD5651DT-VC-C)
                  (replaces discontinued CL-MD3451DT-VC-C)
  MD5660DT-M-A       DSP (Rommed)       128-pin MQFP
  MD5661DT-L-A       DSP (Rommed)       128-pin LQFP

  MD5675T-S101 = MD4470C-SC-B + MD5660DT-M-A + MD1724 11VC-B   [USB]
  SAFE=Sigma-Delta Analog Front End Device
     P=PQFP Plastic Quad Flat Pack
     S=SQFP Shrink Quad Flat Pack
     V=VQFP Very-tight-pitch Quad Flat Pack
Cirrus Logic CL-MD5650DT-SC-C chip Cirrus Logic CL-MD4450C-SC-B chip Cirrus Logic MD1724 11VC-D chip Cirrus Logic MD1724T 11VC-A chip Cirrus Logic MD1724T 11VC-B chip
Ambient MD5660DT-M-A chip Ambient MD4450C-SC-B chip Ambient MD1724T 11VC-B chip
Rob Clark