PCTEL 1789 (HSP56 MicroModem)

Chipset data:

PCTEL, datasheets:
PCI bus soft (HSP) modem
PCI vendor ID: 134D, PCI device ID: 7890 through 7897
Many modem manufacturers make an exact duplicate of the PCTEL reference design, and therefore are able to use the PCTEL FCC approvals on their inexpensive modem cards. PCTEL does not, however, sell modems themselves and will not answer end-user support requests.
Linux support
PCTEL refers all support requests to their OEM customers. However, they have produced a number of Linux drivers to be distributed by these modem manufacturers.

A collection of these drivers for kernel 2.4.x can be found on Jan Stifter's Unofficial PCTEL modem for Linux site.

Some older packages are available here and here.

  PCT301D                                          16-pin SOIC
  PCT301L                                          16-pin SOIC
  PCT303D                                          16-pin SOIC
  PCT303L                                          16-pin SOIC
  PCT303W   CODEC/World DAA phone-line interface   16-pin SOIC
  PCT789T   ASIC
  PCT789T-A ASIC                                  100-pin TQFP
  PCT789T-C ASIC                                  100-pin LQFP

  PCT1789  = PCT789T   + PCT301D + PCT301L
  PCT1789N = PCT789T-A + PCT303D + PCT303L
  PCT1789W = PCT789T-C + PCT303D + PCT303W
PCTEL PCT789T-A chip PCTEL PCT789T-C chip PCTEL PCT303L chip PCTEL PCT303D chip
Typical application
PCTEL reference design for 1789N modem Generic modem with PCTEL 1789W chipset
Rob Clark