Smart Link SmartUSB56 (ST Pegas.usB)

Chipset data:

STMicroelectronics, marketed by Smart Link, ST datasheet, Smart Link datasheet
USB soft (HSP) modem
USB vendor ID: 0483, USB device ID: 7554
Linux support
Smart Link has an official driver for Linux kernel 2.4.x on their download page.

Jacques Goldberg's linmodem site has recent drivers that are newer than on the Smartlink site.

Smart Link has supplied a binary driver for Linux Mandrake with kernel 2.4.3-20mdk to their OEM customers. A copy is available from Aztech here: Aztech UM9800 driver page Most users will be unable to use this driver in its current form.

ST7554    USB World Modem Controller  48-pin TQFP
STLC7550  Modem Analog Front End      44-pin/48-pin TQFP
ST Pegas.usB soft modem chipset
Rob Clark