Texas Instruments TL16CFM700PGE (Kermit)

Chipset data:

Texas Instruments a custom chipset for U.S. Robotics
PCI bus full hardware modem.
Linux support
The "Kermit" family modems are suppoorted by setserial and the Linux kernel.
Setup hints for older versions of setserial.
PCI Vendor ID=12B9, Device ID=1008, Subsystem ID:
    00A2      3CP2977-OEM-50     "Condor"
    00AA      3CP2976-OEM-50     "Hawk"
    00AB      3CP5609
    00AC      3CP3298(-DEL)
    00AD      3CP5610
    00B7      3CP5613            "Internet Gaming"
    00D3      USR325610B         "Performance Pro V.92"
    00D7      3CP325610A         "Lana"
    00D7      3CP5610A           "Performance Pro"
    00D9      3CP5612A
    BABA      OEM 3298           "Hawk"
    D17807J7                DSP
    D17807PJ                DSP                   100-pin PJ package
    TL16CFM700PGE           unknown function      144-pin PGE package
    TLC-AC03 320AC01CFN     Codec                  28-pin FN package
FN=Plastic Chip Carrier
PGE=Plastic Quad Flatpack
PJ=Plastic Flat Pack
TL16CFM700PGE package D17807PJ package TLC-AC03 package
Typical application
3Com 3CP5610 with Kermit chipset 3Com 3CP5610A with Kermit chipset
Rob Clark